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50L Whisky Pot Still

Introducing Our Expertly Crafted 50L Whisky Distillation Still: A Superior Tool for Artisanal Mastery. Designed to facilitate the exploration of spirits' alchemy, this technologically advanced gem enhances your distillation process with unrivaled precision and reliability. Perfectly suited for both small-scale craft distillers and enthusiasts, elevate your craft with this exceptional instrument.

Product Overview

Whether you're a seasoned distiller or a passionate enthusiast, our 50L Whisky Still offers the perfect balance of tradition and technology, all in a versatile and portable package. Craft your spirits with precision and flair.

  • Nano scale distillation equipment with all the scaled-down parts and fittings.
  • Plug-and-play and wired unit ready for service on a fully welded frame platform.

Product Description

Material: Crafted with precision, you have the choice of SS304 stainless steel for durability or TP2 Red Copper for traditional charm. Select the one that suits your distillation preferences.

Technical Features: Electrical Heating: Harness the power of electricity for consistent and controlled heating during your distillation process.

Power Supply: Choose between a 230V or 400V power supply, providing flexibility to match your electrical infrastructure and requirements.

Mobility: Designed with practicality in mind, this distillation still comes as a movable skid-mounted unit. Easily transport and position it where you need it for your distillation endeavors.


Production Technology

  • Still pot
    • working capacity: 50L 
    • material: red copper TP2 
    • design: single wall, incl. full copper still pot 
    • wall thickness: 3mm                                                         
    • accessories: sight glass, heating elements, thermometer, PT100 temp probe, material inlet, drain outlet, etc. 
  • Copper helmet
    • material: red copper TP2 
    • accessories: thermometer 
    • wall thickness: 3mm 
    • remarks: SS304 tri-clamp connection 
  • Lyne Arm
    • material: red copper TP2 
    • wall thickness: 3mm 
    • remarks: SS304 tri-clamp connection 
  • Condenser
    • material: copper TP2 
    • type: tube and shell  
    • accessories: thermometer, cooling water inlet & outlet, tri-clamp connections.                             
    • diameter: 76mm                                                            
    • wall thickness: 3mm 
  • Stand
    • material: SS304
    • function: to support the condenser
  • Parrot
    • material: red copper TP2

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