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100L Pilot Brewhouse

Unlock Precision Brewing with our 100L 3-Vessel Brewhouse: Crafted for serious brewers, this robust system empowers you with dedicated vessels for mashing, boiling, and fermenting, offering unparalleled control over your beer production process. Elevate your brewing prowess and achieve remarkable consistency with this industrial-grade setup.

Brewing system is specially customised for homebrew hobbies, entry-level Microbreweries, Pilot Brewing System, or a full-scale Nano-Brewery production.

Product Specification - 100L Pilot 3-Vessel Brewhouse

Standard System Configuration

  • Skid Dimensions: 2580mm L x 800mm W x 1510mm H
  • Approximate Weight: 550kg

(i) Mash / Lauter Tank

  • Effective volume = 100L, total volume = 125L --> extra 25% head space
  • Atmospheric manual open top lid
  • Tri-clamp Sparge Ring Tube
  • Wort backflow pipeline equip with Sight glass
  • Removable false bottom
  • Grain out door & Grain Chute & Manual rake
  • Temperature Probe & PT-100
  • 1T/H Wort pump, VFD control by PID control panel
  • Level markings inside of tank

(ii) Boil Kettle / Whirlpool Tank

  • Effective volume = 100L, total volume = 125L --> extra 25% head space
  • Atmospheric manual open top lid
  • 6kW electric heating element
  • Tangent whirlpool inlet
  • Fabricated baffle near the whirlpool outlet
  • Whirlpool outlet penetration positioned outwardly from bottom drain port
  • Tri-clamp to connect with valves
  • Temperature Probe & PT-100
  • Pipework shares the same pump with the mash/lauter tank
  • Outdoor steam exhaust pipe as standard
  • Level markings inside of tank

(iii) Hot Water Tank

  • Effective volume = 100L, total volume = 125L --> extra 25% head space
  • Atmospheric manual open top lid
  • 6kW electric heating element
  • 1T/H Hot water pump
  • Temperature Probe & PT-100
  • Level markings inside of tank

(iv) Knocking Out Fittings

  • High precision hops filter, fitted in pipework upstream of PHE
  • 1m² single stage plate heat exchanger (PHE)
  • Temperature Gauge after PHE
  • Potable water outlet pipe from the PHE to Hot water tank
  • Sight glass fitted on pipework after PHE
  • Oxygenation device upstream of wort knocking out port
  • Butterfly valve equipped on the end of the pipework, for clamp hose connection

(v) PID Control System

  • SS 304 Material control panel enclosure
  • Electrical supply: 1-ph 230VAC 50Hz or 3-ph 400VAC 50Hz
  • Full load power (with RIMS): approx. 16.2kW
  • Temperature indicator & heating elements on/off control of mash/lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool tank, hot water tank
  • Wort Pump VFD Speed control
  • Hot water pump on/off control
  • UKCA and CE Certified.

Skid and Tank Specification:

  • 2-layer with insulation: Inner-jacket (SS304) thickness: 3mm, pickling and passivating treated;
  • External-Jacket (SS304) thickness: 2mm, ink wires drawing plate;
  • Atmosphere manual open top lid, thickness: 3mm
  • Tank Insulation layer: PU-thickness: 30mm.
  • 100% high precision TIG welded joints
  • Robust universal wheels (with shaft)

Optional Add-on include:

  • 3kW RIMS heating element manifold external to mash tank
  • Anti dry-run level sensors for heating elements
  • Indoor water-fed steam condenser and fittings

Product Overview

100L Pilot Brewing Equipment Brewing system is specially customised for home-brew hobbies, entry-level Micro Breweries, Pilot Brewing System, or a full-scale Nano-Brewery production.

• Smart

Mini scale industrial brewing equipment, with all the scaled down parts fittings, you will full in love with this optimised Brew center.

• Turnkey Solution

Installed & wired ready on a fully welded frame platform - nothing can be easier for your pilot brewing jobs.

•  100% Flexible Design

Atmospheric top lid enable a direct inspection & clean of inner space.
You will be able to pilot brewing with your professional brewing recipe on this unit, nothing can be easier with such a complete system configuration, pipelines, wort pump & hot water pump, heat exchanger, etc.

Semi-automatic Control System

Never give up your creative recipe with such a smart control system, temperature control, pump VFD speed control, international standard electric components take your brewing into the next level.

• Optional system volume from 100L to 500L.
• You only need 2 square metres of floor space to start your own brewery
• All material & accessories included, enjoy your high-quality mechanical operation
• Optional System power supply 110V/240V/400V.

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